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The swimming pool we’ll build for you is a shotcrete and steel structure for a lifetime of worry free enjoyment, Along with our partnership with Pentair pool equipment. Unlike other pools vinyl and fiberglass are a temporary and expensive learning lesson. After all skyscraper's are not made of vinyl or fiberglass!

The pool project should fit well with the surrounding landscape and complement the style of the house. The pool should be large enough for swimming laps and provide space for relaxing and entertaining. The shape of the pool can be rectangular, kidney-shaped, or freeform, depending on the your preference.

The pool should have a shallow end for wading and a deeper end for diving. The pool deck should be slip-resistant and provide ample space for lounge chairs, tables, and other outdoor furniture. The pool area should be well-lit for evening swims and entertaining.

Together we can add more features, the pool can have a waterfall, artificial rock slide's and grotto's or a fountain feature to add a soothing sound to the pool area. The pool can also have a theraphy spa area for relaxation and therapeutic benefits.

Furthermore, landscaping around the pool area can add visual interest and enhance the overall aesthetic. Plants and trees can be added to provide shade, privacy and beauty. These plants and softscape can be purchased at you local nursery's or supply company's one of the largest is Thompson's Building Supplies.

Overall, the swimming pool design for your home will be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and provide a welcoming space for relaxation and entertainment. Live in comfort with a new Southern Comfort Pool and Spa©

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